Who we are -

  • Ivory Antler Recording & Publishing is an initiative formed to publish aural & visual art from the world over - emphasizing the aesthetic qualities of minimal, experimental, & post-modern forms. We are scientists testing the boundaries of the senses.
  •  We believe that we have the right to make a profit on the products that we produce - this label is paid for completely out-of-pocket and is extremely expensive to maintain. VERY expensive. Any profits that we do make go directly into our future releases.

Shipping -

  • We use media mail & standard international rates in order to keep shipping fees reasonable. We also go an extra length to make sure that everything is handled and packaged correctly, as well as combining rates for multiple items.
  • If you require other shipping methods, contact us at info@ivoryantler.com after ordering and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Distribution & Wholesale -

  • For our list of wholesale & distributed titles, please email a request to info@ivoryantler.com.