• Image of IA26| NIGHTSTICK - Death to Music CD

Originally released on CD by Relapse Records in 1999, this remastered reissue is Nightstick's first full-length release in years.

Tracklisting -

1. Babykiller
2. Jarhead
3. Young Man, Old Man
4. (Won't You Take Me To) Junkytown - Featuring Just Unwind
5. The American Way
6. Free Man
7. In Dahmer's Room
8. Boot Party Theme
9. Egghead
I. I Am Egghead
II. Naked Came The Egg
III. Egghead Is Dead

"Rocking enough to draw you in, yet unpleasant enough to make you want to turn away, Nightstick somehow keep it busy -- and that is a good thing..."

- Chronicles of Chaos

"... Floyd's psychedelic expansiveness, the second-hand free-jazz approximations of the MC5, and the sprawling, flexible cacophony of Blue Cheer. In Nightstick's hands all this unfurls at a snail's pace ..."

- Boston Pheonix

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